We Care For Your Forest

Forestry Services that Improve & Maintain
the Health of Trees & Woodlots

Tree Removal

We can remove all or part of the tree depending on the owner’s wishes.

Stump Grinding

We organize stump tours throughout the year.


Live edge boards are great for shelves, mantels, counter tops, & butcher blocks.


Made to order, Angel’s one of a kind creations are great gifts for any occasion.

Allow the Sun in & Improve
the Health of Your Trees

Integrated Woodlot Management (I.W.M.) is a full service Forestry Consulting company. We provide a wide variety of forestry services to clients across Ontario that improve and maintain the health of their trees and woodlots.

About I.W.M.

Both David and I have been outdoor based our entire lives. We met at Sault College in the Forestry program in 1992. We ran a landscaping business on Manitoulin Island for a few years. Spent 2 summers Timber cruising in Northern Ontario, Took a few years off from trees to work in an automotive assembly plant. But the trees called us back and with the amazing support of Donna Douglas, fellow entrepreneurs, our family and friends.

Integrated Woodlot Management was founded in 2005 by owner Angelique Ewing. David remained at the auto plant for a few more years until the lure of self employment was too much to ignore. In 2008 David joined the business full time and we have been doing what we love ever since. Nowadays David runs the tree care and referral marketing areas, while Angel oversees all the artistic and general operating areas of the business.

I.W.M. is a member of BarterPay, BNI, and Grow Vantage.

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What Our Customers Say

Stephanie S


Dave and his team removed quite a few trees from our yard. They were so professional and left a completely clean job site. They removed all the wood and worked extremely hard for two long days. Highly recommend for both price and quality of work.

Chris Ness


Not the first time we’ve used Dave and his team and what a great job done yesterday, and all in good time. One of our catalpas lived an extra 8 years thanks to advice on cabling years ago. All trees that had to come down were cut into fireplace sized logs for us – excellent clean-up too! A great team to hire! Highly recommend!

Jan Freethy


I have a huge mature tree in my front yard. It needed a trim and wondered how it could be trimmed and still retain its beauty! That’s where Integrated Woodlot Management came in. When I arrived home after the trim, I didn’t notice the trim, I noticed how great it looked! The shape and beauty was kept and I have gained more sunshine in my living room. Thanks David. It is awesome!

Margo Ortolan


A big thank you to David and crew for the great job they did up at Kahshe Lake on the weekend! They removed two huge pine trees that were a potential threat, to our cottage and our neighbours cottage. The guys were professional and very efficient. A job well done, we would highly recommend David and his team!!

Kelly Letourneau


David was amazing! He came to the house, gave a quote, set an appointment, and the job was done. Perfection. Other than the job well done you wouldn’t have known anyone was on the property. Beautiful job. Highly recommended.

Clem Sharp


Stepped in at the last minute and saved our bacon. A great team. Fast and effective.



The first time Integrated Woodlot was called to our home we realized that a row of evergreens were being choked out by a row of Oak and feared that we would lose them all. Integrated Woodlot took care of the choking issue and even cut up the wood so we could stack it and use it once it seasons. The service was quick and we were happy with the results. The second time we realized with some upset that a large maple, that is a focal point of our backyard, was split badly. David was called immediately and within a few hours (even though it was a Saturday) he and Angelique came to assess. They assured us that the tree could be saved. The work has been completed and they have told us that the tree will mend itself over time with the supports they have put in.

Heather Cumming


Such friendly and hardworking staff.

Korapin Adlam


David very friendly and very professional work. Recommend for quick reply , quality, and your money